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The purpose of this page is to define the translation of the wiki in various languages.

Initially, “various languages” means English and French.

The wiki should contain (on the model of the assistance of mediawiki) one frame at the top of each page which proposes the page in various languages. This frame would be available only for the pages having to be present in several languages.

For the pages having to be present only in one language, English should be retained.

List of pages having to be available in several languages (=in french):

All other pages should be available only in English.

List of pages to translate in english

Pages are listed by priority: the first pages should be translated into first.

Page English translation page number of words
AdminDoc1.2 AdminDoc1.2/en 3396
FAQ FAQ/en 681
Kiosk Kiosk/en 443
OF2.0 various spec OF2.0 various spec/en 2762
OF2.0 OF2.0/en 3377
Script Script/en 3412
Training courses Training courses/en 605
AJAX AJAX/en 496
Account Reporting Account Reporting/en 420
Account Table Account Table/en 449
Account aircraft table Account aircraft table/en 32
Account club table Account club table/en 307
Account member Table Account member Table/en 129
Accounting Accounting/en 493
Accounting entry Table Accounting entry Table/en 190
AdminDoc2.0 AdminDoc2.0/en 104
AdminWizard AdminWizard/en 241
Aircraft Price Table Aircraft Price Table/en 121
Archives Archives/en 29
Coding FAQ Coding FAQ/en 205
Dev tools Dev tools/en 352
Draft Draft/en 144
Favorite Icao Table Favorite Icao Table/en 18
Flight Table Flight Table/en 246
Flight Type Flight Type/en 386
Forget Flight Table Forget Flight Table/en 74
Fuelling Table Fuelling Table/en 102
Interface XMLRPC Interface XMLRPC/en 126
Licence Licence/en 225
Log books Log books/en 529
Menu Menu/en 704
Pricing management Pricing management/en 1364
Report Report/en 217
Rex Rex/en 1496
Rights Rights/en 243
Sale Table Sale Table/en 191
Security Security/en 514
Supply Price Table Supply Price Table/en 31
TODO TODO/en 877
Time unit Time unit/en 531
UserDoc2.0 UserDoc2.0/en 6
Xml files Xml files/en 308

Image content to translate (to be made by OpenFlyers team)