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How to download OpenFlyers?

You first have to check if you are allowed to install OpenFlyers 2.0.

The latest of the 2.0 subversions is available on sourceforce.

  • For Linux users, you will need to download:

Subversion and Subcommander (Subcommander is just a graphical interface for Subversion).

  • In Fedora Linux, it's very easy to install:
    • Add/Remove Software
    • Click the "Search Tab"
    • Search for "Subversion"
    • Select "Subversion" and "Subcommander"
    • Click "Apply"

Fedora will download and set up Subversion and its front-end Subcommander for you.

The installed file can be accessed under Applications>Programming>Subcommander

How to install OpenFlyers

You first have to check if you are allowed to install OpenFlyers 2.0.

The process for a fresh install presumes you already have a working web server with the prerequisites.

The process for a clean install or an upgrade of an existing OpenFlyers installation is almost the same. Once you have the files installed on your server you start the process by going to the OpenFlyers install directory.

This is accomplished by visiting your site as you would normally and adding /install/ to the URL.

IE: http://www.openflyers.org/install/ (http://your.domain.com/install/)

OpenFlyers (OF) will verify the presence of a config.php file. This file should be from the latest version you are installing, not your old one if you upgrading. If this file is not the same revision as the OF that is being installed a warning will be displayed and the setup process will halt. No data will be changed.

OF then checks to see that a language default has been specified and will ask for a selection if none is set.

OpenFlyers can determine very quickly and simply if the database is ready to be upgraded. This is done by checking the connect.php file. If you are upgrading, you will have left this file from your previous version. This file contains the database connection information. If this file contains the default settings you will be prompted to enter the MYSQL Database Information from when you setup your database. This will be a database name, database host name, user and password. If the connection information is missing, OF will presume the setup is a fresh installation and initialize the database and take you through the configuration process.

If you are upgrading, at this point OF will make whatever changes are needed to your database and may prompt you for additional information or other settings changes.

To verify if the installation process has been correctly executed, you must have 60 tables (SVN release 4451) in your OF database.

How to clean OF 2.0 database from flight and account entries

You have tried OF 2.0 by yourself and want to clean flight and/or account entries before setting OF to production? This is the list of tables to clean:

  • account_entry
  • flight
  • flight_account_entry
  • flight_pilot
  • fuelling