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Tastes and colors are a "touchy" subject and there are as many tastes as of colors. Moreover some people have a vision of the colors which does not correspond to the usual standards...

In short, at OF, until now we are not very gifted side color and even less side formatted (choice of the icones in particular).

Thus, if somebody has a little time and likes to perhaps seek things which "make pretty", maybe could he try to find us a continuation of icones (freely usable) which will be able to satisfy almost people and the Italian community in particular.

The need seriously starts to be felt for the icones because they are more and more used.

For the moment, it is only question of agregating links of icones packs.

After, it will be a question of thinking of codes of presentation so that the user by seeing such icone knows from the start what it means because he already saw it somewhere else (either in OF or which it is known: example the "prohibited direction").

But the problem of the code of representation is that it must be able to be used internationally!

For example, the cross in diagonal means exactly the reverse according to whether one is French or Anglo-Saxon. In French it means "checked", in English it means "not checked".

icons currently used

Description!use current icon Pack_1 Pack_2 Pack_3
down arrow to move down Button_down.jpg Down.png Down2.png Down3.png
red diagonal cross to remove Button_drop.png Delete.png Delete2.png Delete3.png
pen writting to edit Button_edit.png Edit.png Edit2.png Edit3.png
magnifying glass to see and edit Button_look.png Search.png Search2.png Search3.png
standby recording symbol to remove Button_standby.png Remove2.png Remove3.png
play recording symbol to restore Button_play.png Go1.png Go2.png Go3.png
up arrow to move up Button_up.jpg Up1.png Up2.png Up3.png
calendar to show calendar popup Button_calendar.gif Calendar.png Calendar2.png Calendar3.png
check in red disc ? Button_certified.png Checkred.png Checkred2.png Checkred3.png
bin to remove Button_destroy.gif Trash.png Trash2.png Trash3.png
question mark to access help Button_help.gif Help.png Help2.png Help3.png
license paper to display and edit qualifications Button_license.gif License2.png License3.png
pen writting on paper to edit Button_modify.gif Preferences.png Preferences2.png Preferences3.png
green checked to validate Button_ok.png Apply.png Apply2.png Apply3.png
big standby recording symbol to remove Button_pause.png
recycle arrow in blue disc to update the page, to save Button_reload.png Refresh.png Refresh2.png Refresh3.png
stop panel to show uncompatibiliy between two things Button_stop.png Stop.png Stop2.png Stop3.png

Icones bulks

Here is the place to put links to icones packs.

Somes links about various icons from linux's world, all of them are under GPL licence :

  • Tango

"The Tango Desktop Project exists to help create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software."

Icones du projet Tango

--Utopie 21:50, 30 June 2006 (CEST)

Ressources bulk